Forthcoming in 2011 from Gary Gianni, Ray Bradbury and RAS Press!

"In the late summer of 188-, a train leaves Cairo heading across the desert... carrying an odd assortment of Egyptians, Europeans and English men and women. A cannon fires at the train from the dunes and the train's fuel tender is knocked apart. Lacking fuel, the train stops dead near a small Egyptian ruin from another age. Foraging for fuel the passengers are driven further into the desert by a brief sand storm where they stumble upon the remains of an ancient Egyptian tombyard." Thus begins a ghost story by Ray Bradbury. Inspired by a telephone call from the noted animator Chuck Jones, Ray Bradbury dashed to his typewriter composing a poem entitled, "The Nefertiti-Tut Express." However, the bizarre subject matter continued to haunt the author and he expanded it to over 2,000 words of a completed screenplay outline. Lost in his files for fourteen years, Bradbury rediscovered the screenplay in 1990. Unable to revive it, he sent the manuscript to his friend, writer Harlan Ellison, to see if he could add dialog and directing instruction. But Ellison's own demanding publication schedule forbade time for revisionary work, and the manuscript lay dormant and was soon forgotten. Now, more than thirty-five years after its conception, Ray Bradbury's original screenplay outline, "the Nefertiti-Tut Express," will at last be fleshed-out and reanimated through the artistic vision of Gary Gianni, with more than twenty illustrations, and published in a limited letterpress edition from The RAS Press. Edition size and price to be announced.

Please direct inquiries to: Terence McVicker, The RAS Press, 1745 W. Kenneth Road, Glendale, CA 91201-1451.

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