Into the Land of Shadows - A Prince Valiant Adventure

By Gary Gianni and Mark Schultz

Into the Land of Shadows - A Prince Valiant Adventure published by Hieronymus Press is now available here at This new publication featuring the Into the Land of Shadows storyline which first debuted in the Prince Valiant newspaper strip has been reworked and published in book form for the very first time with new artwork, and is available to be signed by artist Gary Gianni upon request.

Join Prince Valiant and his comrades as they attempt to rescue the kidnapped Queen Aleta from the clutches of an unseen enemy.

Monsters, wizards and a race of mysterious creatures lurk behind every corner as Val tracks his foe deep into the bowels of the earth!

Written by Mark Schultz and illustrated by Gary Gianni with lettering by Scott Roberts this 64-page collection was published by Hieronymus Press in July of 2010 and debuted at the 2010 San Diego ComicCon. This edition is available for a short time only directly through the artist as there are extremely limited quantities available.

64 pages, 9"x12", black and white, softcover.

Available August 1, 2010.
$30 softcover trade edition,

About Gary Gianni

With his artwork reflecting a kinship with classical illustration, much has been written describing Gary Gianni as “an illustrator born out of an earlier time.” In actuality, Gianni was born much later, rather than earlier. Pediatric records indicate his birth was expected near Thanksgiving but ultimately he arrived much closer to Christmas. This late arrival may account for his obsession with the past. While his work is adored by millions, the late author Somerset Maugham referred to him as a “ a well-meaning baboon without a trace of irony.”

About Mark Schultz

Mark Schultz has been telling stories, through words and drawings, for what he considers “too many year.” No one is sure what that means. He is a fan of the fantastic in literature, and believes that any story can be improved by the inclusion of dinosaurs, kitties or giant ants, whether for metaphorical intent or otherwise. He also believes that if cinema was the art of the 20th Century, then the comic strip must surely be that of the 21st.

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