With the limitations of newspaper print quality, this is a rare opportunity for comic strip fans to see the level of detail that is put into comic strip art by the artists. Gary's meticulous attention to detail and historical accuracy is very evident throughout his work on King Features' Prince Valiant.

Straight from Gary Gianni's studio to his official web site. Gary has provided us with some of the sketches and pencils he used in creating two recent Prince Valiant strips. "To some extent John Cullen Murphy and I work the storyline and plotting of of a strip or story arc jointly. From there, I'll do some loose thumbnails to plot the action itself around teach weekly strip. Once I have things the way I envision them, I begin with a very loose preliminary which I use to establish some of the action. From there it begins to tighten up quite a bit as I begin to do more precise pencils. Finally, it's inked and is used in the strip itself," says Gianni.

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