Gary Gianni will be providing cover artwork for an upcoming issue of Speakeasy Comics' Atomika.

The story of Atomika is set in an alternate past -- where the Revolution has become the State -- Liberty has been destroyed and the gods now walk the Earth. Now, a new power is rising. Forged in the fiery bowels of the planet, Atomika is the first man-made deity, both a God of Technology and of the 21st Century. Now he must hunt down and kill the ancient gods who have ruled the world of man since the dawn of time, a quest that will change the fate of humanity, and shake the world to its very core.

Created and penciled by Sal Abbinanti (inks by BUZZ, JSA, Vampirella), written by Andrew Dabb (Ghostbusters, Megacity909), Atomika is a groundbreaking story of men, supermen and the the forces that shape our reality.

For additional information and pictures on Atomika, visit Mercury Comics.

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