Gary Gianni recently tabbed Integrated Web Solutions to give his web site a complete redesign and overhaul.

"Over the past three years, we've gotten a ton of compliments about the web site and we've received almost 36,000 visitors in that time, the response has been fantastic" said Gianni. "The Integrated Web Solutions team built my first site and they know my artistic style. They are fans of my art and I'm a fan of their work. They suggested that they felt it was time to do something new and put more emphasis on some of my newer projects. Hopefully, what we've built here will provide fans of my art and the characters plenty of enjoyment."

The new web site now includes over 30 new images from Gary's latest work with Wandering Star and his current stint as artist for legendary comic strip Prince Valiant. Additionally, for the first time, Gary is showing many of his working sketches and his layout process for Prince Valiant.

For more information or to purchase original artwork by Gary Gianni contact Sam Abbinanti.

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