Using SEO best practices is vital to increase organic traffic, sales leads and conversions. It is almost impossible for a new site to rank high on the search engine page results (SERPs) without a viable optimization plan.

Traffic from search engines is important when aiming to build a profitable site. The traffic not only helps to increase your overall sales, but it also provides a practical way to build a qualified list of newsletter subscribers. By following some of the best practices, you can double or even triple site traffic without breaking the bank. Thankfully, SEO consultants make it easier to achieve internet marketing goals.

Before focusing search engine optimization best practices, you need to understand the basic SEO techniques that help attract increased search engine traffic. The techniques include:

– Set up analytics tracking – create an analytics account on Google Webmaster Tools and Bing Webmaster Tools. If you use WordPress, opt for Google Analytics by Yoast plugin, which is ideal for beginners.
– Create a sitemap – without a sitemap, search engine bots find it difficult to analyze your web pages. This protocol makes it easier for bots to crawl the content when you update your website.
– Create a robots.txt file – this file enables search robots to identify pages they should not index on your site to prevent display in the search results.

The 67 Steps Review website: The keyword strategy

Adopting a winning keyword strategy is vital when looking to boost rankings. You need to identify keywords that are applicable to your sector. However, it is not always easy to rank high for the most profitable phrases. This means you may have to consider using both short- and long-tail keywords. Google gives priority to sites with long-tail keywords in their local SEO keyword strategy.

You need a keyword research tool like the Google AdWords Keyword Planner to conduct research for your site. Before you start, compile a list of keyword ideas and type them into the planner to check the competition, the number of average monthly searches and other variables. Proceed to refine the list to identify phrases with low.

On-page optimization

On-page SEO is the soul of any site and it encompasses various aspects, including internal and external links, title tags, alt tags for images and user comments.

The meta description

The majority of internet users read the title and the associated meta description when searching on platforms like Google. If your meta description is compelling, visitors will click on your links in the search results without a second thought. For this reason, spend more time writing a compelling meta description.

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